In these strange times, we are all hyper-focused on our immediate surroundings. A clean organized home is one of the best ways to generate a sense of peace and calm. Here are a few tricks to help tidy things up:

1. Paint scuffs on walls and millwork. A magic Reaser works great for wall scuffs on drywall, but sometimes stained or scuffed painted millwork is stubborn to clean (especially fingerprints on white doors). A spray bottle of acetyl alcohol works like magic. Just spray on mark, and rub with a soft cloth.

2. Window washing. Fill a gallon pail with warm water and one cup ammonia, and a generous squirt of dish soap. Suds up windows with damp cloth, and use a squeegee to clear off. Wipe corners (and squeegee) with soft dry cloth to catch drips.

3. Carpet stains. Carpets are not best cleaned with chemicals in cans such as spot shot. These products leave a residue In the fibers that soon attracts dirt and will leave a dirty smudge in the future. The best course of action is to use a solution of 50% warm water, and 50% white vinegar. Pour the solution on the stain, and let sit for a few minutes, then blot and scrub with a light colored dry absorbent rag.

4. Cleaning upholstery: Of course the treatment depends on the fabric. IF you have silk NEVER use water to clean a spot. Alcohol with a dry rag works but the item may have to be dry cleaned. Most sofa fabrics will tolerate a cup of warm water with a drip of dish soap stirred in. Dampen and blot. If that doesn’t work often furniture covers are removable, and can be laundered in a front load washer only and only with COLD water. Never put your cushion covers in the dryer! Let then air dry and put them back on when still slightly damp. Try to buy furniture covers made with indoor/outdoor fabrics for durability and easy cleaning

5. Hardwood floors. Most hardwoods will tolerate a gallon of water with a cup of white vinegar added. Make sure you dry them after cleaning to reduce spotting. If you have high gloss floors you may need a floor cleaner like Bona.

6. Bath fixtures. Lime away is a fantastic product that removes calcium and rust build up on water fixtures. You can remove the shower head, and submerge it in a bucket with lime away for a few minutes, then rinse. It will greatly improve your water flow if you have had calcium build up. Or put lime away in a glass and hold it up to the faucet spout (submerged) for a few minutes. Make sure that you rinse everything well after with clean water.