There is nothing better than a bouquet of fresh flowers to brighten up a room. Live indoor house plants are great for creating oxygen-rich air and softening the look of a room… but rarely do they add more than green color.

To heighten your color palette, and add texture ( and fragrance) to your home flower arrangements are an easy ever changing way to Enrich your space. I try to grab a bunch from the grocery store in the winter every week when my yard isnt producing.. and forage for greens that are still available in winter to fill up my arrangements such as fir, cedar, salal, or huckelberry evergreens.

In the summer it is much easier to snip a few flowers or branches out of the garden.When using florals make sure to re-trim the bottoms of stems every few days and change the water with clean cool water so it doesn’t get stinky. Adding a splash of 7 up or sugar helps arrangements last longer. Get creative, and commit to a weekly schedule of rotating color and wonder.